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athletes signingMost student athletes and their families find out the hard way that the high school coach can not get them in college. Parents find out that that they must handle the recruiting themselves. BIG MISTAKE! First of all, coaches do not want to deal with the parents. To be honest, coaches think parents are crazy! Parent’s also do not have the tools or knowledge to handle the recruiting process.

Let the trained experts help!

Prospect exposure gets your information out to coaches in a professional way. We created nice player profile with information that can gets to the coaches. Coaches can view our profile with one CLICK. The do not have to log into some database with pass codes creating lost time and more stress. We make it easy for the coaches.


  • A professional profile
  • Get constant exposure on our Radio show and learn the interview process
  • Get constant write-ups/ scouting reports to coaches, and get them shared on social media
  • Get a marketing plan, to help get the most exposure out of your recruiting process
  • We do all the work and keep you updated! We do the work so parents can rest and players can focus on the important things like school work.

The recruiting process can be very stressful. Especially for unsigned seniors.

Let us know how we can help you!

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