Recruiting tip: Best way to get info to college coaches!


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Usually when I come across parents and players who are struggling with the recruiting process, the main issue is not being able to get information to the coaches. They blame the high school coach at first! But in these days and times, high school coaches just do not have the resources to handle the recruiting process. The recruiting process is very hard. It takes a lot of time. More important, you need the tools to handle recruiting. I laugh every time I hear parents say they sent video to a coach. Usually, they send a big package with pictures, bio, and video. Coaches get so much mail, that it is impossible to look at it all. Parents are not capable of sending this information in a professional manner either. We are talking about getting a scholarship! MONEY! Someone’s future is at stake. Wouldn’t you agree?

Coaches do not have time to look through packages of mail. The alternative; an athletic profile. A athletic profile can have pictures of a player. You can have game action photo’s on your profile to make it creative and eye catching. Video! The best way for a coach to see you play is video. You can have a link on your profile for video, or video that appears on your profile. More important, a profile will have contact information. A coach will be able to view grades, school info, NCAA eligibility center number, home address, email, phone numbers, parent information, and anything else you choose that you feel a coach will need.

Benefits of using a player profile:

  • Quick and easy access to receive a players information. A player profile should be created on the internet, where a coach can have unlimited access to it.
  • Click of a button. When a coach receives the player profile and is reviewing it, with the click of the mouse he can get video. He can also communicate instantly with the player when clicking the email link for the fastest way to contact the player.
  • Viewing social media. Coaches use Twitter as a way of connecting with players. A coach will even use Facebook to get personal background information on a player. Hint: KEEP IT CLEAN!
  • Professional and good looking. Don’t send a bunch of junk to a coach. Coaches try to look at everything they get. But the truth is the more information you send, the more they throw it in the trash. Time is money. Coaches want to get information quick, but most importantly save time.

Why choose Prospect Exposure?

Prospect Exposure will create a good-looking, professional, player profile for the athlete. Prospect Exposure does not stop there! They get the profile out to all the coaches for the family. Even more! They evaluate the player and put a scouting report on the profile. Need video? Prospect Exposure can take live game photo’s, film video of players games plus editing. Then they can add them to your the Profile. Prospect Exposure is a scouting and recruiting service. That means they can call coaches when they see a player that is a good fit for a school. Honesty is the key. They do not pump up players. Prospect Exposure will give the player a realistic marketing plan to aggressively attack schools that are a good fit. So they must maintain a good relationship with the coaches. Prospect Exposure makes the recruiting process fun! Most families are stressed and not prepared during the recruiting process. Prospect Exposure provides unlimited data to assist families in the recruiting process. They also give players, and coaches live interviews on their Radio Show. Not only does this allow coaches to get more info on the player, it allows the coaches to talk about their program. To get a great player profile, with all the tools for exposure contact Prospect Exposure now! Do not become an unsigned senior.

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