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Embarrassed Parents: Ashamed to ask for recruiting help!

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When kids start to play youth sports it can be very exciting to their parents.  Especially for the kids that excel at an early age.  Parents tell family and friends how great their child played.  The parents start to speak of how many touchdowns, baskets, goals, the player has made.  Family and friends begin to get excited.  As the players get older and start to play high school sports, some start to lack the exposure and attention of college coaches.  This can be caused from several reasons.

  • Other players start to catch them athletically and with skill.  There are a lot of kids that start playing sports late, but are so athletic they start to dominate the players that have played for years.
  • As kids get older, some out grow other players.  For example in youth football you can be the smallest kid on the field and can dominate.  But as kids get in high school, size matters.
  • Some players get overly hyped and find out they are not that good. It is hard to measure youth sports because there are so many players that have never played before.
  • Some players just do not continue to work hard, and just do not become better.
  • Parents get so pumped up about their child’s athletic performance that they do not focus on grades and school work!
  • Parents were not aware of the recruiting process.

These factors can cause a player to miss out on an opportunity to get a scholarship.  Some players will not be good enough.  There is nothing we can do to help these players.  Hopefully they have good grades.  For the players that have the ability to play in college, the main reason they lack interest in college is very simple.  Unrealistic goals and not getting help with the recruiting process.

As parents start to realize that their child is not getting any offers from school, some feel embarrassed to ask for help.  As a college recruiter, I go to many games and have great conversation parents.  The first question I like to ask is how is their child doing with the college recruiting process.  Most parents say their child is getting a lot of interest.  Later I find out 80% of the parents have lied.  I wonder why parents would lie about such an important topic.  I later find out that they are afraid to ask for help.  The feel embarrassed because everyone has expected their child to get recruited.  The parents thought the high school coach would handle the responsibility.  Unfortunately, recruiting is not the high school coaches job.

High school athletes that are struggling have help.  The parents just have to be honest with themselves and take the help offered.  I get very upset when parents tell me they are not interested in help with their child’s recruiting.  Then later they call me and ask for help.  I always ask the parents about the schools that were interested in the player before.  Parents seem to forget what they told me months earlier.  The sad thing is that sometimes parents wait until its too late.  Please do not be ashamed to ask for help.  The most important thing is getting a education, for free.  If you are a parent and you are frustrated with your how your child’s college recruiting is going, contact us now.  We assist families in the recruiting process.  For free recruiting tips sign up to our FREE news letter.  Also check out our popular blog for recruiting help at http://www.blog.prospectexposure.com  Also set up a FREE appointment with a college recruiter.  We are here to help.

Recruiting tip: Best way to get info to college coaches!


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Usually when I come across parents and players who are struggling with the recruiting process, the main issue is not being able to get information to the coaches. They blame the high school coach at first! But in these days and times, high school coaches just do not have the resources to handle the recruiting process. The recruiting process is very hard. It takes a lot of time. More important, you need the tools to handle recruiting. I laugh every time I hear parents say they sent video to a coach. Usually, they send a big package with pictures, bio, and video. Coaches get so much mail, that it is impossible to look at it all. Parents are not capable of sending this information in a professional manner either. We are talking about getting a scholarship! MONEY! Someone’s future is at stake. Wouldn’t you agree?

Coaches do not have time to look through packages of mail. The alternative; an athletic profile. A athletic profile can have pictures of a player. You can have game action photo’s on your profile to make it creative and eye catching. Video! The best way for a coach to see you play is video. You can have a link on your profile for video, or video that appears on your profile. More important, a profile will have contact information. A coach will be able to view grades, school info, NCAA eligibility center number, home address, email, phone numbers, parent information, and anything else you choose that you feel a coach will need.

Benefits of using a player profile:

  • Quick and easy access to receive a players information. A player profile should be created on the internet, where a coach can have unlimited access to it.
  • Click of a button. When a coach receives the player profile and is reviewing it, with the click of the mouse he can get video. He can also communicate instantly with the player when clicking the email link for the fastest way to contact the player.
  • Viewing social media. Coaches use Twitter as a way of connecting with players. A coach will even use Facebook to get personal background information on a player. Hint: KEEP IT CLEAN!
  • Professional and good looking. Don’t send a bunch of junk to a coach. Coaches try to look at everything they get. But the truth is the more information you send, the more they throw it in the trash. Time is money. Coaches want to get information quick, but most importantly save time.

Why choose Prospect Exposure?

Prospect Exposure will create a good-looking, professional, player profile for the athlete. Prospect Exposure does not stop there! They get the profile out to all the coaches for the family. Even more! They evaluate the player and put a scouting report on the profile. Need video? Prospect Exposure can take live game photo’s, film video of players games plus editing. Then they can add them to your the Profile. Prospect Exposure is a scouting and recruiting service. That means they can call coaches when they see a player that is a good fit for a school. Honesty is the key. They do not pump up players. Prospect Exposure will give the player a realistic marketing plan to aggressively attack schools that are a good fit. So they must maintain a good relationship with the coaches. Prospect Exposure makes the recruiting process fun! Most families are stressed and not prepared during the recruiting process. Prospect Exposure provides unlimited data to assist families in the recruiting process. They also give players, and coaches live interviews on their Radio Show. Not only does this allow coaches to get more info on the player, it allows the coaches to talk about their program. To get a great player profile, with all the tools for exposure contact Prospect Exposure now! Do not become an unsigned senior.

Need Video? Need to be scouted? Want to be heavily recruited? Put your information below?


Don’t be an unsigned senior!


 Melvin Keihn signs to Virginia tech!  Want to get that letter of intent! Do you want to play in college? Many times players and parents just don’t understand the recruiting process. They mail coaches all this information, overwhelming the coaches. Or, what makes it worst, they call the coaches themselves. Parents can ruin the recruiting process for the player. Parents are too emotionally involved. The do not comprehend the fact that the player does not need an agent. He needs someone just to guide him through the recruiting process! When the coaches fail, parents get upset and try to take over the recruiting. Usually, at this point, it is too late. Or the parent fails at the recruiting process and waits till its very late in the recruiting process. Unsigned senior? This is when the player has wasted 3 plus years depending on his high school or club coach. During the players senior year, they become stressed because of the lack of interest from college coaches. By this time, even if a coach comes to watch a athlete play, the pressure placed on a high school athlete at this time is overwhelming. Its not right. Its not fair. For some kids, a scholarship is the only option they have at going to school.

How can a kid that can play get overlooked?

  • The high school coach makes recruiting promises they cant keep. High school coaches usually teach or work a full time job somewhere. When do they have the time.
  • Over confident! Most parents just know their child can play. But sometimes colleges may think the player is being recruited. Or, the parents just think that all it takes is playing the sport. You need to get your information to the colleges. Do not wait until the last-minute. Coaches are busy and just can not see every player.
  • Lack of knowledge. I often hear parents say, his coach is taking care of that, his school is taking care of that. Then they say the infamous words. “I THINK”

Being an unsigned senior for some athletes is not only stressful. It can be depressing and sometimes embarrassing. Get the help you need. Do not go to a prep school when you do not have to. Let us do the work to get you the letter of intent.

Don’t be an unsigned senior! Put your info in and let us help!







Let the experts help!

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athletes signingMost student athletes and their families find out the hard way that the high school coach can not get them in college. Parents find out that that they must handle the recruiting themselves. BIG MISTAKE! First of all, coaches do not want to deal with the parents. To be honest, coaches think parents are crazy! Parent’s also do not have the tools or knowledge to handle the recruiting process.

Let the trained experts help!

Prospect exposure gets your information out to coaches in a professional way. We created nice player profile with information that can gets to the coaches. Coaches can view our profile with one CLICK. The do not have to log into some database with pass codes creating lost time and more stress. We make it easy for the coaches.


  • A professional profile
  • Get constant exposure on our Radio show and learn the interview process
  • Get constant write-ups/ scouting reports to coaches, and get them shared on social media
  • Get a marketing plan, to help get the most exposure out of your recruiting process
  • We do all the work and keep you updated! We do the work so parents can rest and players can focus on the important things like school work.

The recruiting process can be very stressful. Especially for unsigned seniors.

Let us know how we can help you!