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Don’t be an unsigned senior!


¬†Melvin Keihn signs to Virginia tech! ¬†Want to get that letter of intent! Do you want to play in college? Many times players and parents just don’t understand the recruiting process. They mail coaches all this information, overwhelming the coaches. Or, what makes it worst, they call the coaches themselves. Parents can ruin the recruiting process for the player. Parents are too emotionally involved. The do not comprehend the fact that the player does not need an agent. He needs someone just to guide him through the recruiting process! When the coaches fail, parents get upset and try to take over the recruiting. Usually, at this point, it is too late. Or the parent fails at the recruiting process and waits till its very late in the recruiting process. Unsigned senior? This is when the player has wasted 3 plus years depending on his high school or club coach. During the players senior year, they become stressed because of the lack of interest from college coaches. By this time, even if a coach comes to watch a athlete play, the pressure placed on a high school athlete at this time is overwhelming. Its not right. Its not fair. For some kids, a scholarship is the only option they have at going to school.

How can a kid that can play get overlooked?

  • The high school coach makes recruiting promises they cant keep. High school coaches usually teach or work a full time job somewhere. When do they have the time.
  • Over confident! Most parents just know their child can play. But sometimes colleges may think the player is being recruited. Or, the parents just think that all it takes is playing the sport. You need to get your information to the colleges. Do not wait until the last-minute. Coaches are busy and just can not see every player.
  • Lack of knowledge. I often hear parents say, his coach is taking care of that, his school is taking care of that. Then they say the infamous words. “I THINK”

Being an unsigned senior for some athletes is not only stressful. It can be depressing and sometimes embarrassing. Get the help you need. Do not go to a prep school when you do not have to. Let us do the work to get you the letter of intent.

Don’t be an unsigned senior! Put your info in and let us help!