The Recruiting Program

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When you register with our recruiting program, we start by providing a lifetime athlete/ player profile where coaches can view information about the player.  We will create the profile to include pictures and video.  This will allow a coach to easily view highlights and game footage.  The profile will include contact information.  Coaches will be able to email the parent/player, call the player/family, high school or AAU coach, connect to the player via twitter or facebook, and contact the school.  The profile will include the height, weight, and stats of the players high school season.  But more importantly, there will be a bio of the player, which will allow the coach to get a feel for what type of person the player is.
We will provide an GET RECRUITED PROGRAM, which will need to be followed by the player.  This program will explain what a player/parent must do to become eligible to receive a scholarship.  We will educate the player on many college visits they are allowed (official,unofficial). We will educate the players on how to conduct themselves on a visit. We will coach the player on how to respond when approached by a coach, and what the coaches expect.
Most important we will come up with a REALISTIC MARKETING PLAN for the player.  This is the most important part of the EXPOSURE PROCESS.  Every player in the country is a PROSPECT to a coach or scout.  We will create a plan to focus on the players strengths, and match that with our data base of networking with coaches to put the player in the best situation to get recruited.  This is the most important part.  A player must have realistic and more important, SMART RECRUITING DECISIONS.  We use our data base to match the strengths of a player to the needs of a coach so we save time, and get the most out of the recruiting process.
The best part of our services is that we are professional and trained.  We have a network of recruiters that network all over the country to get the most exposure possible.  Remember, our job is to get you recruited.
If you have been directed here by one of our recruiters then relax.  You can play!!  We do not put players in the program we can not help get in school.  Being former coaches and business men, our reputation within the community and with coaches means too much.  When we deal with a player, the one thing we know is that we have a good prospect.
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