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Embarrassed Parents: Ashamed to ask for recruiting help!

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When kids start to play youth sports it can be very exciting to their parents.  Especially for the kids that excel at an early age.  Parents tell family and friends how great their child played.  The parents start to speak of how many touchdowns, baskets, goals, the player has made.  Family and friends begin to get excited.  As the playersRead the rest of this page »

Recruiting tip: Best way to get info to college coaches!


Usually when I come across parents and players who are struggling with the recruiting process, the main issue is not being able to get information to the coaches. They blame the high school coach at first! But in these days and times, high school coaches just do not have the resources to handle the recruiting process. The recruiting process isRead the rest of this page »

Don’t be an unsigned senior!


 Melvin Keihn signs to Virginia tech!  Want to get that letter of intent! Do you want to play in college? Many times players and parents just don’t understand the recruiting process. They mail coaches all this information, overwhelming the coaches. Or, what makes it worst, they call the coaches themselves. Parents can ruin the recruiting process for the player. ParentsRead the rest of this page »

Let the experts help!

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Most student athletes and their families find out the hard way that the high school coach can not get them in college. Parents find out that that they must handle the recruiting themselves. BIG MISTAKE! First of all, coaches do not want to deal with the parents. To be honest, coaches think parents are crazy! Parent’s also do not haveRead the rest of this page »

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